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Chain resource guideUpdated 2 years ago

Chain Maintenance
Keeping your chain lubricated and maintained will ensure that your wheels will keep turning.

Depending on how often you ride, we recommend cleaning and oiling your chain weekly (if you ride multiple times a week) or monthly (if you're a weekend warrior). Watch the video below for a comprehensive look at cleaning your chain. Most of the time you can get away with wiping down the chain (see 3:03 in the video) and adding some lube.

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Chain Repair
There's a chance your chain may break during a ride. We recommend always bringing a multi-tool when you go for a ride so you can make quick repairs and adjustments on the go. If you can, try to get a multi-tool with a chain tool so you can break the pin in case you need to remove the chain from your bike. 

Here's a great video with information for fixing your chain at home or on the go

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