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Common Error Codes and SolutionsUpdated 2 years ago

Error 05 - Throttle abnormality
Issue: throttle does not work
Solution: unplug then replug the throttle. If error code persists, replace your throttle.


Error 06 - Low Voltage Protection
Issue: battery charge/voltage ran too low*
Solution: Charge your battery.
*is a non-issue - will occasionally appear in error log. Charge your battery!


Error 07 - Over Voltage Protection
Issue: Influx of heat/current*
Solution: Check connections for any heat damage. Let the bike rest and cool down. If damage detected or error persists, contact Surface 604 support
*usually a non issue - will occasionally appear in error log


Error 08 - Hall Sensor
Issue: Motor wire connection has been disrupted
Solution: Check motor wire quick connection. If disconnected, reconnect. If error code persists, reach out to Surface 604 support for next steps.


Error 09 - Phase Line Abnormality
Issue: Broken wire or circuit
Solution: Inspect wires for breakage. Replace appropriate wire.


Error 12 - Current Sensor Abnormality
Issue: Possible blown shunt in controller
Solution: Check connections around the controller for damage. Replace controller.


Error 30 - Communications Error
Issue: Communication obstructed in electronics
Solution: Replace common parts until error disappears.

For 2020+ bikes, start with the controller, then torque sensor, and finally the motor wire.

For 2018/2019 bikes, start with the controller, then the display to controller wire, then the bottom bracket torque sensor. 
If error persists, please contact Surface 604 support.

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