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How to fix a rear flat on your Surface 604Updated 2 years ago

1. Shift into the second smallest rear cog. It will make removing and reinstalling the rear wheel easier. 


2. Remove the battery. Hold down the power button on the handlebar for 5 seconds or until the display flashes. This is necessary to drain the remaining current in the controller/motor. 


3. Flip the bike over, leave the kickstand up. 


4. When going on long rides you should always carry the tools shown below. 

  • 18 mm and 10 mm wrenches
  • Pump
  • Tire levers
  • Spare tube and Park GP-2 Super Patch kit. The patches are pre-glued and come with a piece of sandpaper to clean the patch area. They’re fast and will get you home. 
  • Allen key pack. Just in case. 


5. Disconnect the motor power wire.


6. Loose both axle nuts off (counter clockwise). 


7. Remove both nuts and washers. Leave the inside washers/spacers on the wheel. 


8. Use the 10 mm wrench to center the axle in the drop outs. Fit it to the flat section on the axle. It will make removing the wheel much easier.


9. Bend the derailleur back and lift the wheel up and out of the frame. 


10. Use the tire levers to lift the tire bead over the rim. 


11. Push on one lever to free the tire bead. 


12. Remove the inner tube. Inspect the tire for debris (thorn, nail, glass) in case of a puncture. You’ll want to run your fingers over the inside of the tire to feel for it. If it’s not visible to the eye. Be sure to remove it completely before installing the new/patched tube. In case of a Pinch flat (bottoming out the wheel on a pothole, curb, rock) there will be two punctures to patch. This happens when the inner tube gets pinched between the rim edges and tire. You’ll know it when it happens.


13. Install tube and inflate tire. Make sure the tube is completely centered and no part is sticking out under the tire bead. While inflating the tire be sure to check. 


14. Bend back the derailleur and install the wheel. Careful to align the brake rotor in the caliper. Make sure the spacers/washers are all inside the dropouts. Make sure the anti spin spacer (see red arrow in image below) is oriented correctly before installing the wheel. The flat section of the axle fits between the drop outs. 


15. Check that the axle is seated in both drop outs. The motor wire should exit the notch in the axle upwards in this orientation (see Red arrow in image below)


16. Fit both washers and tighten both nuts firmly (do not over tighten). Align both arrows on the motor cables (see Red arrows in image below). Plug the cable in so that the white arrow is against the edge of the female plug. 


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