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How to fix fluctuating speedometerUpdated 2 years ago

If your speedometer is not providing a clear and accurate reading of your speed, there is a likely a magnet inside the motor casing that has fallen out of place. The fluctuating speedometer could be accompanied with a rattling sounds stemming from the motor.

Before starting on the repair, ensure you have the correct tools on-hand. You will need to carefully remove the motor core (see our motor core replacement video and required tools here). We recommend picking up some J-B Weld Glue as you will need to reglue to magnets back into place. 

Once the core is removed, look for the fallen magnet(s) inside the casing, then, identify the 6 magnets around the freehub bearing. 

Here is a closer look of the magnets above. As you can below, see there are two magnets missing (circled in red)

Follow the instructions for the adhesive you're using and glue the magnets back into place. Allow to dry for the listed amount of time.

Once the adhesive has set, you can reassemble your motor and test the bike! Your speedometer should be providing a clear and accurate reading of your speed. If your problems persist (or if you have any questions), please reach out to [email protected]

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