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How to install your Twist chain guardUpdated a year ago



5mm/6mm Allen Hex Key, Mallet, Bottom Bracket Remover, Phillips Head Screwdriver, Cutter, Centre Punch, Drill, 5/64 and 3/16 Drill Bit, Cutter, Cutter, 8mm Wrench and Cable ties.

Remove left crank with 5 or 6 mm Hex Key.

 Remove crank cap with 5 or 6 mm Hex Key.


Once the chain is off the sprocket, use a mallet and gently tap right crank out of the bottom bracket.

Remove the right bottom bracket.

 Add the metal guard holder from the kit on the bottom bracket.

Make sure its the right direction and angle, then secure the bottom bracket. (Use plastic chain guard for angle reference)

Place the crank and chain back in place and then secure the chain guard with the bolts provided in the kit as shown.

(Bottom View)

Cut this cable tie on the bike. (Plastic holder will go here)

Remove the plastic piece inside the chain guard holder.

Place the plastic holder on the frame. (Make sure its touching the weld)

Use a center punch and mark the pilot hole for drilling.

Once it is marked, use the 5/64 drill bit and drill a pilot hole, follow with the 3/16 bit.

Secure the chain guard with the remaining Phillips screws and nuts.

Use the 8mm wrench to secure the screws

Secure the torque sensor cable with a cable tie.

Last and final step is to snip the cable tie ending.


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