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How to Remove Your 2023 Torque SensorUpdated a year ago

Torque Sensor Removal 2023

*Be sure to remove the battery and drain the residual power from your bike before doing this repair. In order to drain the residual power from the bike, hold down on the power button (with the battery removed) until the display screen flashes.

Tools needed:


    5mm Hex Key

    Electric Drill (Optional)

Lower the gear to the second highest gear for wheel removal. (This prevents further damage to the torque sensor)

Locate the torque sensor cable and motor cable.

Unplug the two cables and cut the cable tie which is holding on to the cables. Then remove the wheel.

Once the wheel is removed, locate and cut off the cable ties which are holding the torque sensor cable.

Remove the derailleur which is on the torque sensor.

Once the derailleur is off, locate the three bolts to remove the sensor from the bike frame and replace it with the new one.

Use a credit card to check the torque sensor and the cassette’s distance.

Checking the gap ensures peak working performance of the bike’s power delivery.

Make sure there is enough space between the torque sensor and the cassette. If the torque sensor is too close to the cassette it can damage the torque sensor again, too far away it won't be able to sense the speed and give the right amount of power assist.



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