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How to Remove Your Shred/Quad Motor CoreUpdated a year ago

Shred/Quad Motor Core Removal

*Be sure to remove the battery and drain the residual power from your bike before doing this repair. In order to drain the residual power from the bike, hold down on the power button (with the battery removed) until the display screen flashes.

Tools needed:

    Adjustable Wrench

    4mm Hex Key

    17mm Wrench

    10mm Wrench

    T20 Torx Security

    Cassette Lockring Tool

    Electrical Drill (Optional)


Shift to the second highest gear for wheel removal. (This prevents damage to the torque sensor

when removing the wheel from the bike)

Locate the torque sensor cable and motor cable.

Unplug the two cables and cut the cable ties which are holding on to the cables. Then remove the wheel.

Check for visible damage on the exterior.

Place the cassette lock-ring tool in the cassette.

Use an adjustable wrench.

Remove the cassette. (Use Chain Whip tool if necessary)

Once the cassette is removed, check the hub spline and make sure there is no damage.

Turn the wheel to the rotor side.

Remove the disc rotor.

Use a 4mm hex to remove the rotor bolts.

Next step is to remove the motor core housing with the T20 Security Torx key.

On the rotor side, locate the Torx bolts. (There are 6 of them)

Once the Torx bolts are loosened, remove the motor core housing.

Next, use the 17mm and 10mm to remove the core unit. (Remember shim order)

Use the 10mm wrench to hold the axle and the 17mm to remove the motorcore nut. (Remember shim order)

Remember the placements of shims on the axle.

Once loosened, the motor core will be detached from the hub housing. (Remember shim order)

Replace new motor core. (Remember shim order for new motor core)


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