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How to submit a warranty claimUpdated 2 years ago

What is Surface 604's warranty policy?
All of our e-bike models come with a three-year frame warranty, plus a one-year replacement warranty on our parts, components, and batteries.

What falls under S604's warranty?
Any part or component that is defective during the manufacturing process can be replaced through our warranty. Something may break during transit or perhaps a part may fail within your first year of owning the bike - that's no problem. We can keep you covered. 

Parts and components that fail due to lack of care and servicing the bike, as well as using the bike outside of its intended use and capabilities, are not eligible for warranty claims. For example, a rusted chain that hasn't been cleaned and lubricated is not eligible for our warranty. Neither would a motor that has suffered water damage from being submerged or ridden through deep water.

What is required when submitting a warranty claim?
There is specific information required for us in order to process a warranty claim. In order for us to quickly ship you the necessary parts, we need:

  • Your bike's serial number
  • Proof and date of purchase
  • The component's serial number (only necessary for electronics)
  • Pictures and/or videos showing the issue (if applicable)

How to submit a warranty claim

To submit a warranty claim, please email [email protected] with the subject line WARRANTY CLAIM.

In the body of the email, please include: first and last name, bike year and model, serial number, purchase location, purchase date, and a detailed description of the issue you’re experiencing and the part that needs to be replaced.

If you are able to, please document the issues you are experiencing with your bike (pictures, videos, detailed account of experience, etc) as it will help us resolve the claim quickly and get you riding again.


After diagnosing and determining the issue with your bike, we will dispatch parts and resources to you or your local bike shop to ensure a quick and seamless repair process.

Please provide us with a quote from your local bike shop before moving forward with the repair, as we will need to authorize the intended work and labour involved. Without such approval no credit will be issued.

We will issue up to 1-hour of labour for all standard repairs. Further reimbursement may be available as a case-by-case basis.

Warranty labour claims are only issued if you have purchased the bike directly through us. If you purchased your bike through a certified Surface 604 dealer, they may contact us directly for any claims or verification.

Once your labour claim has been validated, please pay for the repairs and send a copy of the invoice to [email protected]. We will reimburse you based on your original purchase through us.

If you have any questions or need assistance of any kind, please reach out to us via email, live chat, or telephone 1 844 328 2453 x 2

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