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What is your warranty and return policy?

All of our bikes come with a comprehensive 1 year warranty on bicycle parts and 3 years on the frame. Labour and wear and tear items are not covered within the warranty. Upon purchasing the bicycle, it is recommended to register your bike at: https:/

How to submit a warranty claim

What is Surface 604's warranty policy?All of our e-bike models come with a three-year frame warranty, plus a one-year replacement warranty on our parts, components, and batteries.What falls under S604's warranty?Any part or component that is defectiv

How to submit a battery warranty claim

Here are the requirements for submitting a warranty claim for your battery. Please email all warranty claims to [email protected] or [email protected] Detailed description of problem (include pictures if necessary) A picture of the voltage

What is the best way to maintain my battery?

As your battery is the most expensive part on your eBike, it is important to take good care of it so that you are able to use it for many years to come. Our batteries are made out of lithium ion cells and the chemistry of these cells may be different

I have received my bicycle but theres no battery!

Depending on where you are located, the battery may be shipped separately. Because batteries are classified under dangerous goods and hazardous materials, they cannot be shipped like a regular package and may cause you to receive it later than your e

My speedometer is fluctuating!

If your speedometer is not providing an accurate reading of your speed, we recommend visiting your local Surface 604 dealer. If you'd rather tackle the repair yourself, please see our Fluctuating Speedometer Fix.

Cadence vs torque sensors?

If you're interested in getting an electric bike, and have done some research, you've likely seen that all ebikes either use a cadence or a torque sensorWhat's the difference between cadence and torque sensors? Cadence sensors measure and determine t

Are your wheels tubeless ready?

Our wheels are not tubeless ready by default, however they can easily be converted. Click here to see how to convert your wheels to tubeless.Why run tubeless?. There are a number of reason why going tubeless has become the standard for modern bikes.

What tools should I bring with me on my rides?

Anything can happen to you on a ride, so we always recommend going out prepared with some basic tools to keep you riding even if you run into trouble. On the go adjustmentsEvery rider should always carry a multi-tool with them. This multi-tool from P

How do I diagnose the sound coming from the rear of my bike?

During the lifespan of your bike, nuts and bolts will loosen themselves, your shifter cable and chain will stretch, and the spokes will soften. All things you won't need to worry about if you service your bike once or twice a year depending on how of

How to register your Surface 604 bike

To register your brand new Surface 604 bike, you will need to have your serial number and your proof and date of purchase ready.You can find your serial number stamped on the steer tube:. The serial number will start with two digits, followed by a V,

How to find your torque sensor's serial number

For a seamless plug and play repair, it's important to ensure we match your current torque sensor with its new replacement. The best way to do this is to find your torque sensor's serial number and to ensure you select the correct one when checking o

Why is my bike powering down?

All 2020+ Surface 604 come standard with thermal protection software. The bike will power down when the temperature threshold limit is met in order to protect the electronics from suffering damage due to excessive heat produced by the motor. In nearl