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What tools should I bring with me on my rides?Updated 2 years ago

Anything can happen to you on a ride, so we always recommend going out prepared with some basic tools to keep you riding even if you run into trouble. 

On the go adjustments
Every rider should always carry a multi-tool with them. This multi-tool from ParkTool has just about everything you would need to repair your bike while you're on the go. You can adjust just about anything on the bike with a proper allen key set (2mm-6mm). A chain link remover tool shouldn't get used often, but it's irreplaceable when you do need it.

To fix your flat
Chances are you're going to get a flat tire on one of your rides. Avoid having this ruin your ride by bringing a proper kit along.

You should get a hand pump. There are a lot of different hand pumps on the market all with different features, but at the end of the day, they all inflate your tires. Whether you go basic or expensive, C02 cartridge or high pressure, you won't regret bringing one along. Make sure you have a spare tube as well!

You'll need a tube and tire repair kit. Tire irons are the only thing that'll help you unseat the tire from your rim. A patch kit is a great way of extending your tube's life and preventing it from going to your local landfill.

If you're running tubeless, you're going to want to get yourself a tubeless tire repair kit.

Patch yourself up
Just like your chances of getting a flat, you can't predict every ride, and you may take a fall while on your bike. Bring a small first aid kit with you to clean yourself up if you do go down on your ride. Even some disinfectant and band-aids is enough to get you to a proper facility to tend to your wounds.

Stay safe out there and have fun!

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