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Why is my bike powering down?Updated 2 years ago

All 2020+ Surface 604 come standard with thermal protection software. The bike will power down when the temperature threshold limit is met in order to protect the electronics from suffering damage due to excessive heat produced by the motor.

In nearly every instance we have seen, this is caused by over-use of the throttle specifically when ascending hills or using it in addition to the pedal assist. 

We recommend not to use the throttle when tackling steep and sustained hills. We also advise not to engage the throttle while using the pedal assist for the same reasons.

The 500W rear hub motors are plenty powerful enough to reach any peak. Using solely the throttle to propel yourself up a hill draws a lot of heat from the motor which will lead to the bike powering down.

If you've found yourself stuck on a hill with an over-heating bike. Pull off to the side, let it rest for a few minutes, then attempt the hill again in PAS level 3 or 4.

Try testing various pedal assist levels until you find the setting that allows you climb freely without needing a break. Most riders will be able to continue using PAS level 5 after laying off the throttle.

If your bike continues to power down despite practicing in a lower pedal assist level, reach out to the Surface 604 support team or your local dealer. Any and all issues with your ebike can be resolved.

Happy riding!

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