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Are your wheels tubeless ready?Updated 2 years ago

Our wheels are not tubeless ready by default, however they can easily be converted.

Click here to see how to convert your wheels to tubeless.

Why run tubeless?

There are a number of reason why going tubeless has become the standard for modern bikes. 

First, you can say goodbye to pinch flats (a pinch flat is when your tube is pinched by the rim and a hard surface which pierces the tube).

You'll be able to run variable air pressure to maximize your grip and performance on any terrain. If you find yourself riding on sand or technical trails, you can drop your air pressure (the recommended range printed on the tire) to increase traction and for a smoother ride without running the risk of getting a pinch flat. 

Another bonus of going tubeless is that you can save some weight. You won't see much of a weight difference if you remove the tubes on your Commuter series bike, but every gram counts! You will also save money as you can save the tubes that were removed from your bike and reuse them if you do get a puncture flat.

Are there any downsides? 

Yes and no.

If you do get a flat while running tubeless, it could be caused by not running enough air pressure and not using enough sealant, or something has punctured your tire. A simple solution would be to then install the spare tube you brought along.

Alternatively, you could pick up some tire plugs and a CO2 cartridge + pump to quickly get yourself rolling again. Our friends at Lezyne have a great video showing how to repair and plug a punctured tire.

This might require to bring different or new tools than you are used to on your rides, but can help you avoid removing your rear wheel which can be difficult if you aren't prepared.

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